From as little as R45, choose from our unique range of funeral cover options designed to meet your needs. You no longer have to wait to activate your benefits, you can now move from your current insurer to KM Funeral without any waiting periods. Introducing South Africa’s best Funeral Cover by far with a waiting period waiver.

 KM Funeral does everything within their powers to make sure that you, your family and your people are always well taken care of during life’s most testing time. We respect the fact that death is the final stage of life. It is still LIFE to us. Making all the arrangements for a funeral can become heavy on any budget. From catering to caskets, funeral expenses quickly add up. It is during these times that a KM Funeral Cover becomes important.

As the policyholder, you pay a monthly amount (premium) so that in the event of death, a specified amount (your cover) is paid out to your family. The lump sum that we pay out helps to pay for your funeral costs so that your loved ones can focus on paying their final respect and saying goodbye.
You can cover up to 8 dependents on the EXECUTIVE FAMILY COVER and unlimited amount of dependent on the EXTENDED FAMILY COVER.

Our friendly consultants are on stand by and ready to call you about your funeral needs.

Executive Family Cover Option A Option B Option C
Principle Member12 50020 00030 000
Spouse12 50020 00030 000
Child 14 – 2112 50015 00030 000
Child 6 – 135 00010 00015 000
Child 1 – 53 0005 0007 500
Child 0 – 11months3 0005 0003 000
Stillborn3 0005 0003 000
Waiting Period6 months6 months6 months
Premium RateR70R124R140

There is no better time than now. Do the right thing.

Extended Family Cover Benefit Premium rate Waiting Period
Each Extended6000R 496 months
Each Extended12 500R 926 months
Each Extended15 000R 1246 months
Each Extended20 000R 1516 months

There is no better time than now. Do the right thing.

Please note the EXTENDED FAMILY COVER can only be applied for only when the executive family cover has been taken up.

Kunene Makopo Risk Solution is a licensed FSP registered with the FSCA.